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Mozilla based accessibility

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Project News
== Project News ==
November 28, 2006
*Camtasia Studio Missing a driver and I am getting the blue screen of death trying to resolve If I don't find a solution going to look into
Microsoft's new free screen recorder.
November 27, 2006
*dry run of icons and tts engine
* ran into problem with Captivate has a delay
November 26, 2006
*First draft of tutorials.*screenshots*dry run of install
November 23, 2006
*Met with Janet, **She has lots of user users that have difficulty using the Multilingual componentand asked if a tutorial could be done to show the setup of this feature. *Made an appointment for next week to go over the tutorials .
November 22, 2006
*talked Talked to [[User:melz|Melissa Peh]] and she will be assisting me in recording the final run of the tutorials.*talked Talked to [[User:Eor|Eva Or]] and she will be assisting me in recording the Multilingual component in Cantonese.

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