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= Kaitlyn Callow =
== ABOUT ME ==
Hello! I'm Kaitlyn Callow. Bio from my Twitter since I'm lazy: "Programming, UI, games, mobile, coffee addict, cycling, cooking, ramblings, and the colour green! Lots of code and caffeine induced awesomeness!"
So that's me in a nut shell :D. I currently aspire to be a games developer and have been having a lot of fun developing both open source and mobile applications.
- * I am a graduate of the Internet Application Development course at Lambton College (3 year Advanced Diploma)- * Currently I am finishing up my final year of my Bachelors of Software Development at Seneca College (Bachelors)- * I have tons of experience working on interfaces and user interactions.- * I also have a lot of experience doing graphics design and web design which has been highly useful with my programming work.- * I have completed numerous courses about games development and try to work on projects related to those topics.- * I find mobile development very enjoyable, and look to do more of it in the future.
== URLS ==
I have a personal website located [ here (], which also has a blog on it located [ right here (] :D. I also have a twitter [ (], and you can find me on IRC in both freenode and moznet in the CDOT #seneca-cdot and Seneca #seneca channels by the name of kait85. 

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