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OPS335 Weekly Schedule

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Fall 2020
= OPS335 Weekly Schedule =
 {{Admon/important|The course schedule, labs, and links are subject to change.|Check with your professor for details and changes specific to your section.}}= Fall 2020 ={|width="100%" borderalign="1left" cellspacingcellpadding="210"! Week !! Objectives and Tasks !! Assigned Reading !! Labs / Exercises|-valign="top"|width="45%"|'''Week 1Instructors:'''see [[OPS335]]
|Intro to Linux  |[[OPS235 Lab 1|Lab 1]]|-|'''Week 2Note:''' |Installing Linux* Installing Fedora* Boot loaders|* [ Fedora 13 Installation Guide]** [ Installation]** [ GRUB Boot Loader]** [ Partitioning Each OPS335 instructor will indicate the due dates for Fedora]|[[OPS235 Lab 2|Lab 2]]|-|'''Week 3''' |Using Virtual Machines* Installing labs, tests and Using Virtualization Software* Installing Guest VMs<!-- Assignment 1 Released -->|* [ schedule is a considered to be a general guideline for week-US/Fedora/13/html/Installation_Guide/ptby-Advanced_installation_options.html Fedora 13 Installation Guide - Advanced Installation Options]** [ Automating the Installation with Kickstart]** [ Kickstart Installations]** [ Kickstart Configurator]* [ Fedora 13 Virtualization Guide]|[[OPS235 Lab 3|Lab 3]]|-|'''Week 4''' |* Logical Volume Management* Package management with rpm and yum* User and Group Management|* [[Logical Volume Management]]* Package Management* [ content/view/14446/53/ UID and GID explained]* [ LVM HOWTO] - Read chapters 1 - 3|[[OPS235 Lab 4|Lab 4]] |-|'''Week 5''' |* Using Filesystems in Regular Files (loopback)* Using Archive Files (tar, tar.gz, tgz)* Compiling Software from Source Code* Customizing System Startup (/etc/rc.d directories)||[[OPS235 Lab 5|Lab 5]] |-|'''Week 6''' |* Catch up* Review for Practical and Written tests* Work on assignment| | |-|'''Week 7'''}
|<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" width="100%" style="border-top: thin solid black;"> <tr valign="top>* Practical Test 1 (covering weeks 1 <td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;background-5)color:#f0f0f5;">Week</td>* Written Test 1 (covering weeks 1 <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;background-5)color:#f0f0f5;">Objectives and Tasks</td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;background-color:#f0f0f5;">Reference</td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;background-color:#f0f0f5;">Labs</td> </tr> |- <tr valign="top">!colspan <td width="20%" style="4border-bottom: thin solid black;"|Study >'''Week1:'''<br>14 - 18 sep<br></td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Introduction to OPS335:'''<ul><li>Outline, policies</li><li>Assignments, labs, evaluation, email</li><li>Preparation for OPS335 labs</li></ul></td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides: [ Web] [ PDF]</li><li>[[OPS335_Install_Flash]]<br>(in order to view web notes in Centos7)</li></ul>'''Week 8Online Reference:'''<ul><li>[ Centos7 Install Tips]</li><li>[[OPS335 Resources]]</li></ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[ Prep for Labs]</td> </tr>| <tr valign="top"> <!td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 2:'''<br>21 - * Assignment 1 Evaluation 25 sep</td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Basic Networking &amp; Backups:'''<ul><li>ifconfig & route vs ip; resolv.conf, hostnamectl</li><li>/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/</li><li* Static Network Configurationconnection troubleshooting</li><li>SSH & SSH Keys</li><li>rsync & cron</li></ul></td>* <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides:<br>Networking: [ Web] [ PDF]<br>Backups &amp; Cron: [ Web] [ PDF]</li><li>Chapter 14 - TCP/IP Networking</li></ul>'''Online Reference:'''<ul><li>[ ip vs ifconfig]</li><li>[ Simple Network Configuration with Troubleshooting]</li><li>[ OPS235 - Lab7]</li><li>[ DHCP client-vps rsync Howto]</li><li>[ Cron HowTo]</li></ul></td>* Basic TCP <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[ network commandsOPS335_Lab_1 Lab 1: ping, ifconfig, netstatNetwork/Backup]</td> </tr> <tr valign="top">| <td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 3:'''<br>28 sep - 2 oct</td>Networking with Virtual Machines <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Packet Filtering Using iptables:'''<ul><li>What is Packet Filtering</li><li>iptables Basics<br>(IntroductionTables, Chains, Targets)</li><li>iptables Commands &amp; Options</li><li>iptables Command Examples</li><li>Saving iptables Settings</li></ul></td>* <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides: [ Web] [ PDF]</li><li>Chapter 22 - Security</li></ul>'''Online Reference:'''<ul><li>[ Virtual Iptables#Overview Overview]</li><li>[ - Definition/IPTables CentOS Wiki]</li>* <li>YouTube Video: [http Using iptables w/ tmux & watch]</li></ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[https://networkingadminwiki.cdot.senecacollege.shtml Important Linux Networking Commandsca/wiki/OPS335_Lab_2 Lab 2a:<br>Packet Filtering Using iptables] </td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;"></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Network Address Translation /<br>iptables Best Practices'''<ul><li>Network Address Translation<br>(Also refer to lab 6 notesNAT Table - iptables)</li><li>Debugging firewall problems:<ul><li> Troubleshooting Procedures</li><li>Troubleshooting Tools</li><li>Troubleshooting Exercises</li></ul></li></ul></td>* <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Online Reference:'''<ul><li>Slides: [ web ] [ PDF ]</li><li>YouTube Video: [ Masquerading Demo]</li><li>Chapter 22 - Security</li><li>[ Linux Networking ServicesOPS335_Lab_1#Linux_Network_Connection_Configuration_Troubleshooting Test Network Connectivity]* View and Configure IPTABLES Firewall <br>(refer to lab 6 notesFrom Lab1)|</li><li>[ Basic IPTABLES Troubleshooting]</li></ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[OPS235 Lab 6|Lab 6]2b:<br>Additional iptables Troubleshooting]</td> </tr><tr valign="top">| <td width="20%" style="border-|bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 4:'''<br>5 - 9oct</td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Domain Name System (DNS):'''<ul><li>Address resolution mechanism (zone definitions)</li><li>DNS server setup</li><li>Querying Name Servers</li><li>Reverse DNS lookups</li><br><li>'''[[OPS335_-_Assignment_1_(Part_1) | OPS335 - Assignment 1 (Part 1)]]'''</li></ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides:<br>DNS Overview: [ Web] [ PDF]<br>DNS Configuration: [ Web] [ PDF]</li><li>YouTube Video: [ How DNS Works]<li>Chapter 17 - DNS: The Domain Name System</li></ul>'''Online Reference:'''<ul><li>[ Address resolution mechanism]</li><li>[ Reverse DNS lookups]</li></ul></td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[ Lab 3: DNS]</td>* Network Services </tr>* SSH <tr valign="top">| <td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;"></td>* Network services <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Performing DNS Queries'''<ul><li>SOA, MX, TXT records</li><li>Coordinating multiple servers</li></ul></sshtd>* <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides:<br>DNS Queries: [ Web] [ PDF]<br>Primary vs Secondary DNS Servers:<br>[ SSH TutorialWeb]* [ PDF]</li></ul>'''Online Reference:'''<ul><li>YouTube Video: [ Secondary DNS Server Setup]</ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;"></locutustd></shhtr> <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" style="border-securingbottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 5:'''<br>12 -ssh16 oct</td> <td style="border-howtobottom: thin solid black;">'''Mail Servers -10640 How SMTP'''<ul><li>Mail Server Elements (MSA/MTA, MUA, MDA, MS, AA, SMTP)</li><li>Install and using mailx application (MUA)</li><li>Analyze Email Message Headers</li><li>Setup Postfix Server (no encryption)</li><li>Sending Email from VM to Make SSH More Secure]Seneca College Mail Account</li><li>Troubleshooting</li></ul></td>* <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides: Mail Server (basic concepts)<br> [ Web] [IPTables PDF]]* Interest Topic</li><li>Chapter 20 - Electronic Mail</li></ul>'''Online Reference: '''<ul><li>[ Sending Messages with mail Command]</li><li>[ Linux Security Tips#prompt_commands Read Email Message with mail Command]</li><li>[ Reading Full Email Headers]</li></ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[ Lab 4a:<br>Simple Mail Server Setup] (See Areas involving Networking)</td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 6:'''<br>19 - 23 oct</td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Evaluation / Review:'''<ul><li>'''[[OPS235 Lab 7OPS335_-_Assignment_1_(Part_2) |Lab 7OPS335 - Assignment 1 (Part 2)]]'''</li><li>Written Midterm Test</li></ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">&nbsp;</td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">&nbsp;</td> </tr>| <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;background-color:#f0f0f5;">'''Study Week 10:'''<br>26 - 30 oct</td> <td colspan="3" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;background-color:#f0f0f5;">&nbsp;</td> </tr>| <tr valign="top">* DHCP Server <td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 7:'''<br>2 - 6 nov</td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Using a Centralized Message Store (IMAP)'''<ul><li>Specifying Domains for Received Email (MTA)</li><li>Installing &amp; Configuring MDA/LDA</li><li>Send &amp; Verify Receiving Mail on VMs</li><li>Troubleshooting</li></ul></td>* DHCP <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes: '''<ul><li>Slides: Mail Server DefinitionSetup (IMAP)<br> [ web ] [ PDF ]</li><li>Chapter 20 - Electronic Mail</li><br /ul>'''Online Resources:'''<ul><li>[ common mail server terms]</li><li>[ Seneca Client Settings]</Dynamic_Host_Configuration_Protocol li><li>[ Postfix man page]</li><li>[ Configuring Dovecot]</ul></td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[[OPS235 Lab 8|Lab 8]4b:<br>Mail Server Setup: LDA]</td> </tr> <tr valign="top">| <td width="20%" style="border-|bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 118:'''<br>9 - 13 nov</td> | <!td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''File Server:'''<ul><li>'''Samba''':<ul><li>smbclient, smbmount (mount - * SELinux and Apache (httpdt cifs)</li><li>smb.conf, testparm, smbpasswd, pdbedit</li><li>getsebool, setsebool</li></li></ul></ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides: Samba Server Setup<br>[ Web] [ PDF]</li><li>Chapter 30 - Cooperating with Windows </li></ul>'''Online Resources:'''<ul><li>[,2-777-2.html Samba Server Setup]</li></ul></td>* Assignment 2 released <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[ Lab 5: Samba Server]</td>* Review for Practical and Written Tests </tr>| <tr valign="top"> <!td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 9:'''<br>16 -20 nov</td> <td style="border- * SELinux bottom: thin solid black;">'''Web Server:'''<ul><li>'''Apache''':<ul></li><li>LAMP stack installation and httpd configuration</li></ul></ul></td> <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides: Lamp Installation &amp; Configuration: [ web] [ PDF ]</li></ul>'''Online Resources:'''<ul><li>[ Apache Resources]</li><li>[ Installing Apache Webserver on Centos7]</li><li>[ PHP Tutorial]</li><li>[ MySQL / SQL Language Resources]</li></ul></td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[ Lab 6: Web Server]</td> </tr> <tr valign="top">| <td width="20%" style="border-|bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 1210:'''<br>23 - 27 nov</td>  <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''OpenLDAP:'''<ul><li>LDAP Overview</li><li>Client setup</li><li>Adding users</li><br><li>'''[[OPS335_-_Assignment_2 |* Written Test OPS335 - Assignment 2]]'''</li></ul></td>* Practical Test 2 <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Online Resources:'''<ul><li>[ OpenLDAP Administration Guide]</li><li>[ CentOS server & client setup guide]</li></ul></td>| <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;">[ Lab 7: OpenLDAP]</td>| </tr><tr valign="top">| <td width="20%" style="border-|bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 1311:'''<br>30 nov - 4 dec</td><td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Webmail: Encrypted connections'''<ul><li>WebMail installation and configuration</li><li>Setting Up a Self-Serve Certificate</li><li>Configuring Postfix (VM2) for Encryption (TLS)</li><li>Setting up Encryption with Thunderbird MUA</li><li>Setting Up Dovecot MDA/LDA for Encryption (SSL)</li></ul></td>|* Assignment 2 Due* Review <td style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Lecture Notes:'''<ul><li>Slides:<br>Encrypting Mail Messages:<br>[ web] [ PDF]<br>Setting Up Webmail:<br>[ web] [ PDF]</li><li>Chapter 23 - Web Hosting</li></ul>'''Online Resources:'''<ul><li>[ TLS, SSL Definition]</li><li>[ Exam|| |-postfix Create a self signed SSL key for Postfix]</li><li>[ Dovecot SSL configuration]</li> </ul></td>!colspan<td style="4border-bottom: thin solid black;font-weight:bold;"|Exam Week|}> <br>[ Lab 8: Encrypted connections and webmail]</td>
<tr valign="top">
<td width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;background-color:#f0f0f5;">'''Week 12:'''<br>7 dec - 11 dec</td>
<td colspan="3" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;background-color:#f0f0f5;">'''Evaluation / Review:'''<ul><li>Exam Review (time permitting)</li><li>Final Exam</li></ul></td>
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