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Project Work
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*This course continues the study of game programming techniques begun in the introductory course. Topics covered include modeling, texturing and lighting techniques, force feedback, and shader programming
*The course is supported by the an open instructional software framework introduced in GAM666/DPS901. Students refactor select components aspects of the framework to augment the base code for all members of the class.
=== Subject Description and Course Outcomes ===
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== The Project Work ==The course project is a three-stage, team assignment to build a game using the framework from the introductory Project work for this coursein in two parts. Each team consists of up student contributes some upgrade to 3 members. Membership is subject to instructor approval the framework and is open presents the upgrade to modification until the end rest of the week of the drop date for the courseclass. The first stage of the assignment proposes the features that your Students working in teams incorporate their own upgrades into their own game and incorporate another team will add to the framework and identifies which member will work on which feature's upgrade into their own game. Each member is responsible for a distinct feature. Each team meets with student presents the instructor results of their research project to review the proposal and obtain approval. The second stage is a release of the framework that includes the feature. The third class and each team presents their final stage presents your own team's completed game to the class, which includes your features along with several features incorporated by other teams. Details are on the Project Requirements page.
== Evaluation ==
* Option A** Feature - Individual Assignment 30%** Game - Group Assignment 20%** Test 20%** Exam 30%* Option B (no exam - feature work is significantly more in depth)** Feature in Depth - Individual Assignment 60%** Game - Group Assignment 20%** Test 20%Each student must commit to Option A or B by March 16
== Final Submission Requirements ==
== Archives ==
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