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Console UI Core Classes - OOP344 20112

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void draw(int Refresh = C_FULL_FRAME);
It will first call Frame's draw passing '''Refresh'''as an argument to it.<br />
Then it will make a direct call to iol_display to show the data kept in Field's '''_data'''.<br />
The values used for the arguments of iol_display are:
cc -c iol.c
cframe.o: cframe.cpp cframe.h cghiolgh.h
c++ -c cframe.cpp
cfield.o: cfield.cpp cfield.h cghiolgh.h cframe.h
c++ -c cfield.cpp
cdialog.o: cdialog.cpp cdialog.h cfield.h cghiolgh.h cframe.h
c++ -c cdialog.cpp
clabel.o: clabel.cpp clabel.h cfield.h cframe.h cghiolgh.h
c++ -c clabel.cpp
clineedit.o: clineedit.cpp clineedit.h cfield.h cframe.h cghiolgh.h
c++ -c clineedit.cpp
Test3DialogAndLineEdit.o: Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp clineedit.h clabel.h cdialog.h cfield.h cframe.h cghiolgh.h
c++ -c Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp
==Test 4 (Button)==

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