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XULRunner Versions

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XULRunner is not a frozen API but instead delievers delivers a set of XUL toolkits. Some of the XULRunner applications will only work on specific versions of toolkits. The current thinking of XULRUnner version number convention of XULRunner is for it o be matching meant to match the number of the corresponding Gecko milestone.
Developers can also be allowed to specifiy specify what is the minimum is and maximum version of the toolkit is requierd required to run the specific application. This is currently implemented as an option in the .xulapp fileon Macs and in the application.ini file for Windows and Linux. The applications can specify version is specified the MinVersion and MaxVersion for the toolkit versions that is required. XULRunner will check this constraint on the application and refush refuse to run those who do not pass the version test.
== XULRunner ==
Is a This version includes new security/stability update updates which is are available as a downloadable patch to be downloaded. It replaces version the previous version All XULRunner users should upgrade. This patch can be found at the Mozilla Development Center under [ XULRunner Release Notes]
For the The source code of for this version, click can be found on the following link, [ xulrunner-]
== XULRunner ==
XULRunner is was the first stable developer preview release of XULRunner. It features include lauching launching standalone XUL applications and embedding APIs. This can be used for rendering web pages within native and java Java applications. This version can be downloaded at the Mozilla Development Center under [ XULRunner]   The source code of this version can be found on the following link, [ xulrunner-]

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