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<div style=float:right; display:block-inline;">[[File:BerrySync_UI.jpg]]
<div style="text-align:center; font-size:10px; font-weight:bold;">- BerrySync v1.0, Sept 2011 -</div>
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== Introduction ==
BerrySync will allow allows access to relevant Firefox browser information from a user's internet connected computer within their blackberry portable device (possible examples being bookmarks, history, active tabs, etc). This is based on the concepts established in the [ Firefox Sync] plugin that is bundled with Firefox 4 and it's companion iPhone application named [ Firefox Home]. Initial completion of BerrySync is expected towards v1.0 was completed at the end start of summer Sept 2011.  == Version History ==v1.0 - Sept 2011
== Platforms ==
BerrySync is being was developed for using BlackBerry OS 5 and 6, both is compatible with all phone screen sizes (at time of writing this, no wider / taller then 480px), and both touch and keyboard interfaces.  
== IRC Information ==
We may be found on IRC at:
* [irc:// #feral]Issue Tracking* []Git Repository* Sync Server*
== Contributors==
*'''[ Mike Hoye]''' (supervisor)
**email: &nbsp;mhoye(at)**twitter: []**blog: &nbsp;&nbsp; [ BlogBlarg?]
*'''[ Carl Desautels]'''
**email: &nbsp;cwdesautels(at)**twitter: []**blog: &nbsp;&nbsp; [ Blog]
*'''[ Kaitlyn Callow]'''
**email: &nbsp;dacallow(at)**twitter: []**blog: &nbsp;&nbsp; [ BlogKaitlyn's Rambling Ramblings]
*'''[ Maoli1207 Mao Hua Li]'''**email: &nbsp;mao.li1207(at)**blog: &nbsp;&nbsp; [ BlogMao Hua Li]

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