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Teams Winter 2011/team2/project

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# 1. In Eclipse, create a new workspace. # 2. Create a new Plug-in project following settings, name it consumer.[[Image:ecl500-Team2-Project_img01|thumb|widthpx| .png]]<br/><br/>[[Image:ecl500-Team2-Project_img02|thumb|widthpx| .png]]<br/><br/>[[Image:ecl500-Team2-Project_img03|thumb|widthpx| .png ]]<br/><br/>3. Likewise create 2 more plug-in projects called interface and provider. Uncheck the 'Generate Activator' option for interface.4. In the interface bundle, we create a package, We will create classes and interface java files that are used by consumer and provider bundles.[[Image:ecl500-Team2-Project_img04.png]]<br/><br/>

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