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861 bytes added, 13:52, 9 April 2011
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*Add a static iContext* variable under the protected list of variables (Line 58)
*Add the void hasContext(iContext* c) function to the Object class (Line 67)
*Remove the static iContext* variables from the derived classes (Line 138, 174, 196, 214 in Solution 28)
*Define the get and set functions (Line 78-85)
*Set the iContext* variable to NULL (Line 37)
*Remove the iContext* variables from the derived classes (Line 389, 475, 552, 572)
*Set the default values for shine, roughness and index (Line 65-67)
*Call the setAlgorithm function, passing in the value of GF_DF_ALGO (Line 69)
*Remove the code that initializes the shine variable's subsets, as it is no longer an array (Line 72-75)
*Set roughness and index variables to NULL (Line 113-114)
*Remove the conditional statement that deletes a shine array (Line 134-137)
*Set the input variables and algorithm to the values from the object being copied (Line 152-154, 156)
*Remove the code that instantiates shine as a new array (Line 168-172)
*Remove the code that destroys the shine array (Line 282-283)
*Pass the context to the Object class, and remove the code that passes the context to derived classes (Line 47-50)

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