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== FAQ ==
=== [ What is an example of tab browser in XUL?] ===
:[ An example of tab browswer in XUL]
=== [ How can i get URIs on open tabs?] ===
Using the following code sample,
:// Get browsers object
:var browsers=document.getElementById('content').browsers;
:var numBrowsers=browsers.length;
:for (var i=0; numBrowsers>i; i++)
: var thisURI=browsers[i].currentURI.spec;
: // do something with it.
The person can get the titles too using the .contentTitle tag.
=== [ How to add and remove values to/from, set up inside a <prefwindow> container to handle the preference?] ===
:<prefwidnow> can contain any control, just like a regular window. Some of them can be tied to a preference so that the preference is automatically updated as the control is manipulated. Others, like <listbox>, cannot be so tied, but one can always write a script that updates preferences explicitly, via nsIPrefBranch interface.
=== [ Can a XUL template be used for RSS?] ===
:You should be able to use a XUL template to display feeds, although you may have to write the feed data to an RDF datasource first.
=== [ How do I remove the file location header included in the default printing setting?] ===

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