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Team I typedef Foo - oop344 20111

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== Tasks ==
=== Console UI Core Classes Rel 0.4 (developing) ===
due: '''Tue march 29 R4.0'''
Code the following
:- By ...
*CLabel Tester: Test2DialogAndLabel.cpp
:- By ...
*CLineEdit Tester: Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp
:- By ...
Team members please pick one class to work with initially.<br />
Test2DialogAndLabel.cpp and Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp are located in svn://zenit/
=== Console UI Core Classes Rel 0.35 (released) ===
merge the code for CFrame and CField from tags/fardad/coreclasses into your project and compile, run and test it with Test1Frame.cpp
Tag it in Release 0.35
=== Console UI Core Classes Rel 0.3 (released) ===
Merge the bio additions to your bio.c and bio.h
Add all the files for mock-up classes
create .h and .cpp files for all classes
the name of the file is all lower case and is the same as class name (i.e CFrame class: cframe.h and cframe.cpp)
copy the class definitions into .h files
create mock-up methods for the class defs
=== Complex Functions (Platform independent functions) Rel 0.2 (released) ===
*due on Mon, Feb 21th 23:59

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