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Distcc with MSVC:CL Options

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Tutorial: Stupid CL being stupid and not unix
= Tutorial =
This tutorial is a quick way to check if a cl option is supported in distcc. You will have to follow these steps: 1.Open a cygwin bash shell, or the Visual Studio Command prompt<br /># create 2. Create a simple header filecalled '''sample. Try to h''': <pre>#include some things like <stdio.h and other >#define GUARD 0</pre> 3. Create a C file called '''sample.c''': <pre>#include "sample.h files"#include <string.h> int main(void) { return GUARD;}</pre># preprocess 4. Preprocess the file. Use the : $> cl /P for this, sample.c 5. create a temporary folder: $> mkdir temp 6. Move the file will be called <filenamesample.c to temp: $>mv sample.itemp/ or# move sample.i temp/ 7. Rename the file to some remote locationsample.c: $> mv sample.i sample.c or $> rename sample. You can create a temporary folder for thisi sample.c# compile 8. Compile to '''object code''' and add a command line option listed below. Pass the For example: $> cl /Fo<filename>Fosample.obj /c to compile only to object codesample.c ''/nologo'' 9. If you get '''no object code ''', '''an error''', or you get a warningmore than ''sample.obj'' being created, please give us an email document on this page, or if you feel really unsure, post in the discussion. When documenting please specify if your documentation comes from reading or doing. If reading is not from MSDN please link to where you got your information.
== Questionable Options ==
*: runs an analysis on the code and will bring up more warnings... This is ok, all it does is increase number of warning messages and may cause build to fail but the user did '''ask''' for it, so that's fine. (from reading).
*: only compile, don't link. (from doing)
*: generate sone documentation in a xdc file. Killing this option since you can't get the file back from the slave.

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