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Distcc with MSVC:CL Options

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# some options require things that are only applicable if the entire local code base is around
# some options require you to send multiple files back (e.g. sending back .obj and .pdb objects is unsupported).
= Tutorial =
This tutorial is a quick way to check if a cl option is supported in distcc. You will have to follow these steps.
# create a simple file. Try to #include some things like stdio.h and other .h files.
# preprocess the file. Use the /P for this, the file will be called <filename>.i
# move the file to some remote location. You can create a temporary folder for this.
# compile to object code. Pass the /Fo<filename>.obj /c to compile only to object code. If no object code or you get a warning, please give us an email or post in the discussion.
== Questionable Options ==

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