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OPS235 Lab 7 - Fedora17

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Investigation 1: How do you enable the sshd service.
# OpenSSH should have been installed by default. Lets confirm this by issuing the command:<br /> <code>rpm -qa | grep ssh</code>
# You should see a number of packages installed including <code>openssh-clients</code> and </code>openssh-server</code>
# <code>openssh-server<code> installs a service called <code>sshd<code>, confirm this service is running by issuing the command:<br /><code>service sshd status</code>
# Now check that the sshd service is configured to start for runlevels 2, 3, 4, & 5, by issuing the command:<br /><code>chkconfig --list sshd</code>

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