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Teams Winter 2011/team1/RCP/Create configuration

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=== Create a new configuration for your Application ===
To create a product we need a product configuration. The configuration is used for exporting and creating your application.
<br/>[[File: Pic1.JPG | 400px]]<br/>
Right click on your project and select 'New' -> 'Product Configuration'
Open the file we just created and select the 'Overview' tab. Lets fill in the same names for our configuration.
<br/>[[File: Pic4.JPG gif | 400px]]<br/>
Press 'New' in the 'Product Definition' part and select the application of your plugin 'cs.ecl.simpleRCP.product'.
<br/>[[File: pic5Pic5.gif JPG | 400px]]<br/>
Now our product definition should be filled out.

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