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==About Me==
My name is Minoo Ziaei. I am studying Computer Programming and Analysis at Seneca College.
In this page, I have provided information related to some of my courses' projects and also some good resources that I have found in each field.
My blog *Blog @
*[[User:Minooz/NexJ | Min NexJ]]
*[[User:Minooz/Processing | Min Processing]]
* FSOSS videos [\]
* [[User:Minooz/OSD600 | Min OSD600]]
* [[User:Minooz/EJB_ECL | EJB - ECL]]
==Resources for CollegeCurrent Courses Related==*[[User:Minooz/OSD600 | OSD600]]*[[User:Minooz/school_references GAM666 | School Courses' ReferencesGAM666]]*[[User:Minooz/DSA | DSA]]*[[User:Minooz/UserInterface WebServices | User Interface DesignWeb Services]]
* [[User:Minooz/General | General]]
 *Minooz Blog[]==Computer==*[[User:Minooz/Processing |MinoozProcessing]] 22:36, 30 October 2009 (EDT)*[[User:Minooz/sandboxNexJ |Minooz SandboxNexJ]]

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