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BlackBerry : Develop Simple Apps

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For more information about displaying fields and managers in a BlackBerry device application, see the UI and Navigation Development Guide.
=== File Picker ===
[ Overview]
'''The file picker sample application demonstrates how to create a UI component that presents a list of folders and files from which a user can select a file'''. The sample application also demonstrates how to specify the default search location for folders and how to filter files by file extension (for example, how to display only .mp3 files).
=== GPS ===
[ Overview]
'''The GPS sample application implements a travel calculator that tracks the current location (using longitude, latitude, and altitude), direction, grade, and travel speed.'''
The GPS sample application uses the LocationProvider API to collect the GPS location information from theBlackBerry® device.
The sample application displays the information nearly simultaneously and updates the information at intervals that constants in the application specify.
The sample application also stores waypoints in persistent storage. These waypoints are recorded at intervals that constants in the application specify. The waypoints record the date and time they were taken, the distance travelled (using longitude, latitude, and altitude), and the average speed since the last waypoint.

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