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BlackBerry : Develop Simple Apps

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== Read Code from the BlackBerry Samples ==
[ Here are some of the most important BlackBerry Samples]
''The content from BlackBerry developer site has been used for these notes for which a grateful acknowledgment is made.''
[ Overview]
'''The custom buttons sample application demonstrates how to extend the Field class to create a variety of different button UI components.'''
The sample application demonstrates how to create the following types of buttons:
In addition to creating and displaying these custom buttons, the sample application also demonstrates how to attach listeners to these custom buttons. Listeners are components that execute code when an event occurs. In the sample application, when you click one of these buttons, a dialog box appears with text specifying which of the buttons you clicked.
=== Decor ===
[ Overview]
'''The decor sample application demonstrates how to create custom fields by specifying their border, padding, color, and background attributes.'''
You can use the sample application to create fields that have the following attributes:
* solid rounded border with a solid background
* dotted rounded border with a transparent background
* dashed simple border with a gradient background
* dotted simple border with no padding
* beveled border with an image as a background

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