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tasks update
== tasks Simple Functions Rel 0.1 ===== task name ==='''due Wed Feb 2nd'''<br />* task description<br />* being done by For now team member name / not assigned * statusmembers please assign a platform to work on, please note if there are any issues for certain function, so other team members can help or take over. ( most likely int bio_getch(void) )
=== Platform ===
** Handle by Herman Wu [ hwu46]
** Status: Working..
* WIN Borland
** Handle by Weichen Liang [ wliang11]
** Status: Working..
* Linux
** Handle by Sean Thistle [ sthistle]
** Status: Working..
* Mac
** Need to be assign..
=== Functions to be include on each platform ===
* void bio_initscr(void)
* void bio_endscr(void)
* int bio_getrows(void)
* int bio_getcols(void)
* void bio_cls(void)
* void bio_flush(void)
* int bio_getch(void)
* void bio_curpos(int r, int c)
* void bio_putch(int c)
* void bio_prnstr(const char* s)
== Complex Functions (Platform independent functions) Rel 0.2 ==
=== Functions to be include ===
*void bio_display(const char* str, int row, int col,unsigned int len)
*int bio_edit(char* str, int row, int col, int fieldlen, int maxdatalen, int* insertmode,
:::::int* offset, int* curpos, int IsTextEditor, int ReadOnly)
*void bio_displayflag(const char* format, int row, int col, int status);
*int bio_flag(const char* format, int row, int col, int* status, int radio);
*void bio_displayMenuItem(const char* format, const char* menuItem, int row, int col, int len, int status);
*int bio_menuItem(const char* format, const char* menuItem, int row, int col, int len, int* status);
== meetings ==

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