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OOP344 Student Resources

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=== How To Identify on IRC Automatically via XChat (linux) and Join #Seneca-OOP344 Channel) ===
If you are using linux, the best IRC client I can find is xchat, but identiy and join every time you log in became a hassle, here is the fix:
#. Click on the xchat option on the menu bar > Server list (ctrl+s)
#. Type in your nickname, registered ID and information on freenode
#. In Networks, scroll down and select freenode
#. On the right side, click on "edit"
#. Under conneting, check the option "auto connect to this network at startup"
#. Type your password in "Nicksev password"
#. close the window and click "connect"
=== Hiding or Cloaking your IP Address ===

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