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Setup a Virtual Local Area Networking Using CentOS 5.5
=Setup a Virtual Local Area Networking Using CentOS 5.5=
== OS Installation ==
* Install 64-bit version of CentOS 5.5 with Virtualization Packages
* Create Four Virtual Machines, each with 8GB of disk space, 1G Memory, 1CPU
** Wireshark
** tcpdump
== Virtual Network Configuration ==
* Default Virtual Network
** Network Address
** Network Type: NAT
* Create the 2nd Virtual Network, named "opsnet"
** Network Address 192.168.[x].0/24 where [x] assigned by your professor
** Network Type: Isolated
* Locate the name of the physical network device connected to the lab network. The following configuration assume eth3 as the device name name.
** assignment 172.16.[x].1 to the alias of eth3: ifconfig eth3:0 172.16.[x].1

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