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Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture

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* sparc - Sun RISC architecture
The [[:fedora:ArchitectureArchitectures/ARM|Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture]] project supports Fedora on ARM processors.
== ARM Processors ==
ARM chips are the most popular CPU produced -- in excess of 5 7 billion are being made each year, or about a million an hour. These are being sold under a number of different brand names (ARM, StrongARM, Armada, Cortex, OMAP, Sheeva, Snapdragon, XScale) by a number of different manufacturers. Most of these are going into cellphones, but hundreds of millions are being used in other devices such as routers, NAS boxes, embedded controllers, tablets, and netbooks.
The ARM processors are used in emerging ''hyperscale'' energy-efficient compute systems based on [http://wwwcalxeda.laptopcom Calxeda] and [ One Laptop Per Childcom Marvell] (OLPC) computers, model XO-1.75, use an ARM processor. Since Fedora is used on the XO units, having a reliable ARM build of Fedora is increasingly importantprocessors.
Another popular category of computers that uses In addition, ARM processors are used on:* [ One Laptop Per Child] (OLPC) computers, model XO-1.75 and higher (Fedora is used on the XO units)* the [ Raspberry Pi], [ APC], and other under-$100 "hackputers"* [ Plug Computers].
== Objective ==
Seneca is supporting the Fedora ARM initiative by hosting and managing a [[:fedora:Koji|Koji]] build farm that shadows the primary architectures, so that every package built for the primary architectures (including updates) is to be built for ARM.
The [[Fedora ARM Koji Buildsystem]] is accessible through a [ web interface] and through the koji command-line tools provided as part of Fedora. Anyone with a Fedora account is welcome to build packages on it; if you do not already have an account wish to make use of the build system you can sign up using the [ Fedora Account System (fas2)].
== Status ==
* Currently building F13 under the supervision of [[User:Paul.W|Paul Whalen]] and [[User:Chris Tyler|Chris Tyler]]F20.
* See the [[Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture/ARM hardware|ARM Hardware]] page for details of the build farm hardware.
== Current Tasks ==
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|Build kernels natively and from SRPM
|[[User:Chris Tyler|Chris Tyler]]
|In progress
|[[Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture/Kernels|Kernels]]
|} -->
= Resources =
** [[Fedora ARM Koji Buildsystem]]
** [[Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture/ARM hardware]]
** [[Motion Sensor Interfacing for Panda Board based Dash Board System]]
* Fedora Project wiki
* [ Koji software project site]
* [ Booting OpenRD from SD]
* [ SheevaPlug Update instructions]
* [ Booting GuruPlug Server from SD]

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