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<u>'''{{{type}}} Lab Activities''' - '''''The LAB DUE DATE is in two weeks from the time the lab is defined'''''</u>(for example, the Basics lab is defined in the second week and its due date is in the fourth week; the lab for OSGi is defined in the fourth week and its deadline is in the sixth week, and so forth...) ----
* Start and run the {{{type}}} Eclipse.
* Define the workspace as: ./wksp/{{{type}}}/lab* Create a project based on the application defined below in: {{{description}}}section.
* Develop the application, Run and Debug it.
* When the application runs as expected, Open the Subversion Perspective in {{{type}}} Eclipse and Update your Repositoryupload the application to the repository that was given to you at the beginning of this course.* Write a detailed tutorial about using {{{type}}} Eclipse to develop such an application. The tutorial must be written in '''wiki or / html / ppt / pdf''' format (choose the format that is more convenient to your team) . Checkin in the repository your tutorial, if the format allows it. (if not, (i.e. if your format does not allow you to store it in your repository), then define in your repository only the address of your tutorial). Thus, the url address stored in the repository, can be used to read your tutorial; (for instance, if your tutorial is in wiki format store in the repository the address of wiki tutorial).----Individual Deliverable:* Update your Each student must create a web page in his/her zenit account course that contains student identification (student name; picture, wiki address, etc., and for every lab, one should define the links to the repository of his/her work - code, tutorial, etc.; '''you do not have to send any email''' with a link to the address of your new create lab repositoryweb page).Team Deliverable:* Send and WHEN requested you must send an email to [{{{type}}}-Lab Jordan Anastasiade]with the address of your repository   ---- <u>'''{{{type}}} Lab Application Description:'''</u>{{{description}}}
''Your lab will be marked based on the following criteria:''{{{criteria}}}

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