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# Cesar
There is already an [ FAQ on mozilla] that probably wasn't properly linked in with Mozilla's FAQ page. Instead, I am going to make a list of asked questions on this page and mozilla can put it into their FAQ at their discretion.
<!--[[20060929embedding| September 22, 2006 - September 29, 2009]] <br>
[ September 29, 2006 - October 6, 2006]
The newsgroup is more FAQ than discussion. So you can find the FAQ on [ mozilla]-->
== FAQ ==
<!--[[20060929embedding| September 22, 2006 - September 29, 2009]] <br>===nsIPromptService with secure sites===[httpThe problem is getting "Security Error://developerDomain Name Mismatch" when visting certain secure sites. You get no text and no functionality. There are two possible solutions to this error.mozilla#The Dialog is not handled by the prompt September 29You must implement another interface (for example, 2006 - October 6, 2006]-->nsIBadCertListener)#The newsgroup original dialog does not work correctly because your application is more FAQ than discussionnot handling chrome correctly. So Here are some things other people have used to solve their problems : #*This will get the text in the security popup and allow you can find to view the FAQ on [httpcertificate :<br//developer> In the nsIWindowCreator::CreateChromeWindow() implementation, change the doc shell tree item's type to ''nsIDocShellTreeItem::typeChromeWrapper'' to ''nsIDocShellTreeItem::typeContentWrapper'' to view the certificate.You can nsIWebBrowserChrome::CHROME_OPENAS_CHROME to check when to use typeChromeWrapper and typeContentWrapper#*This will tell the browser to progress to the secure site <code> :nsCOMPtr<nsIJSContextStack> stack(do_GetService(";1")); if (stack && NS_SUCCEEDED(stack->Push(nsnull))) { /* Display the modal window here */docs JSContext* cx; stack->Pop(&cx); }</embedding_FAQ mozilla]code>

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