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Submission Requirements
* Test 20%
* Exam 30%
== Final Submission Requirements ==
When ready to submit your project:
# Finalize your modifications in trunk.
# Create a directory in trunk called: '''"SubmissionLogs"'''
# For each member of the team create a text file named as '''"YourSenecaEmailId.txt"''' in SubmissionLogs directory. In this text file, in a point form format, specify in detail, all the tasks you have done for the project.
# Branch (copy) the whole project including the SubmissionLogs directory and its text files into tags directory under "prj1.0".
# If final adjustments are needed after these steps, then repeat everything from step one but branch the trunk into a new tag as prj1.1, prj1.2, etc.
#:(when marking, the last revision is considered as your submission)
== Resources ==

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