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MDC Infrastructure

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September 25, 2006
* Discussion of project scope with Deb, Andrei, Dave and Shaver.
==== September 25, 2006 ====
* Received an account on linux 2 to install my own local installation of devmo wiki for testing.
** Problem: After checking out the wiki source from devmo, I used sancus's devmo configuration file to get this running, but it kept redirecting to his installation for some reason. Browsing the setting files, etc. didn't reveal any solution.
** Solution: sancus and shaver suggested using a hostname instead of a user directory link (ie. /~melz). Strangely, that fixed it. A mystery.
==== October 11, 2006 ====
* Checked out devmo's css files (it was in a different path) and moved it so that everything loads up properly.

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