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Team H Project Dev Page 20103 - OOP344

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Dale: Updated
= Trunk Status =
* Last committed by: Daniel Dale on Nov. 24 28 @ 65:12pm09pm
* Current status: Free to commit.
== To Do ==
* <s>'''FWBorder (Dale)'''</s> (Complete)
* <s>'''FWField (Carey)'''</s>(Complete)
* <s>'''FWLabel'''</s> (Complete)
* <s>'''FWDialog'''</s> <s>(Complete)</s> (needs debugging)*: try running Test3DialogAndLineEdit.cpp and walk through int FWDialog :: editfrom (In Progressint index).* <s>'''FWLineEdit'''</s> (In ProgressCoding complete, waiting to be tested after completion of Dialog)* <s>'''FWButton'''</s> (In ProgressComplete)
* <s>'''FWCheck'''</s> (In Progress)
* <s>'''FWValEdit'''</s> (In Progress)
* <s>FWBorder (by November 19th 2010)</s> (Completed November 18th)
* <s>FWLabel</s> (Completed November 22nd)
* <s>FWButton</s> (Completed November 28th)* <s>FWValEdit</s> (Completed November 29th)
=== Daniel ===
* <s>Update wiki</s>
* <s>Help Dale with FWBorder</s>
* <s>FWDialog</s>
=== Carey ===
=== Fardad ===
* FWLineEdit *: done but not tested, pending completion of FWDialog*: fixed minor problem with FWLabel and setting the '''_length''' (check svn logs)*: fixed problem with '''operator<<''' methods in FWDialog (Thanks Fardad! check svn logs)*:Dcompleted FWLineedit, but could not test it since FWDialog::edit, FWDialog:: editform is buggy. I tried to fix it but the problem is not minor. there is logic problem with edit()and editform, please review and let me know.
== Progress ==
* November 18th 2010: Completed FWBorder class (dkarp)
* November 22nd 2010: Completed FWLabel class (dkarp)
* November 24th 2010: Completed FWDialog class (dslessarev)
* November 25th 2010: Completed FWLineEdit class, not tested yet(fardad)
* November 28th 2010: Completed FWButton class (dkarp)
== Completed Tasks ==

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