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Console Framework Classes 20103 - OOP344

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[[OOP344 20103 BorderTester | BorderTester.cpp]]
This tester may have some problems. In the tester, the most outer border is Cont, and then B, and C is the most inner border.When test B(press F6), and when press down_key, the if condition never become true. B's container is Cont. Cont's height by default is -1. Therefore, when our group test it, we can go up but cannot go down. Can go left but cannot go right. By Leiding Chen
#Calls its parents draw, to draw the border.
#Using iol_display, it prints lines of text form from index _loffset, up to height()-2 times.
#:Note that each line is printed from _offset character using absRow() and absCol(), up o width()-2 characters
<big><syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">
int edit();
Draws the text area and then starts the editing from the fist first line.<br />The whole text should scroll to left, writeright, up or down instead, if the cursor tries to pass the edges of the text area.<br />
When Enter key is hit, if in insertmode, a new line is inserted after the current line and any text after the cursor in the line should be moved into it.<br />
When Backspace key is hit at the beginning of the line, the content of the current line should be moved to the previous line, the and current line should be deleted. The cursor in this case should stand in front of the copied data. <br />
It deallocates the allocated memory. (If any memory allocation is used).
=Compile, Build, testing=
==Compile and build==
cc -c iol.c
fwboderfwborder.o: fwborder.cpp fwborder.h confw.hiol.h c++ -c fwboderfwborder.cpp
fwfield.o: fwfield.cpp fwfield.h fwborder.h confw.h iol.h
*All the test programs are saved at: [svn://]
*Test files names are '''Test*.cpp'''
*All test programs are compiled the executable is available on ''''''
*:to run the test programs, login to and login with your own user id and password, then at the command line type: '''~fardad.soleimanloo/tX''', replace the X with the number of the test. (i.e for test three, run: '''~fardad.soleimanloo/t3''')
*:Note that you should use [ Putty] to login to matrix and set the keyboard to Xterm 6
==Due Date==*Due Nov 2829, 23:59
*: Tagged prj0.6

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