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Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture

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Fedora Architectures
[ Fedora] is an [ open source] community that produces the [ Fedora Linux distribution] -- a complete operating system (and more) consisting of thousands of software packages. This software is available free of charge complete with the source code, so anyone can use, distribute, and modify it to meet their needs.
The Fedora distribution supports two primary architectures; these are the primary targets for the packages in Fedora:
* i386 - 32-bit Intel/AMD - the chips that power most 32-bit computers, laptops, and netbooks
* x86_64 - 64-bit Intel/AMD - the chips that power most 64-bit computers and laptops
There are also a number of secondary archsarchitechtures, maintained by various groups within the larger Fedora community:
* '''ARM''' - A widely-used, low-power processor family commonly used for embedded and mobile applications, including cellphones and tablets
* ia64 - Itanium
* sparc - Sun RISC architecture
This The [[:fedora:Architecture/ARM|Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture]] project supports Fedora on the ARM Secondary Architectureprocessors.
== ARM Processors ==

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