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10th Floor

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Ryan Wang
'''Responsibility: ''' Stage/levels design
[[File:TenthCeilingCollapse.jpg|200px|thumbnail|right|Fig.R1. Ceiling collapsing effect]]
[[File:TenthUserDialog.jpg|200px|thumbnail|right|Fig.R2. Dialog Box UI Design]]
<li>November 2: Added codes (on the Camera.cpp) for camera movements and keyboard/mouse controls. Implemented simple collision detection against the walls. Added breathing/fainting/walking effects.</li>
<li>November 10: Main character object is created. Character movement is handled in the Design.cpp instead of Camera.cpp. Collision against walls is also handled in the Design.cpp.</li>
<li>November 11: Map is initialized based on the configuration in the map file. Added obstacles. Ceiling tiles collapse as the player travels around. Added sound effects.(Fig.R1)</li>
<li>November 13: Game items are added - Haste item, dexterity item, stop/revert collapse items. Try keys 1-4.</li>
<li>November 14: Added background image in the dialog box. (Fig.R2)</li>

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