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10th Floor

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Revised Game Proposal
=== Revised Proposal ===
==== Game Genre ====
Genre: First person maze puzzle
=== How to play ===
==== Stage clear condition ====
==== Game Items ====
<li>Haste item: Increases character's movement speed by 150% for 10 seconds. (Keyboard mapping: 1)</li>
<li>Dexterity item: Allows player to pass through the obstacles more quickly for 10 seconds. (Keyboard mapping: 2)</li>
<li>Revert ceiling collapse: Makes the collapsed ceiling tiles rise back up into initial position for 20 seconds. (Keyboard mapping: 3)</li>
<li>Stop ceiling collapse: Stops ceiling collapse for 20 seconds. (Keyboard mapping: 4)</li>
== Map of the World of the Game ==

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