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10th Floor

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Map of the World of the Game
== Map of the World of the Game ==
 [[File:DynamicMapSystemSampleGamePlay.jpg|400px|right]] === Dynamic Map Configuration ===[[File:InteractiveGameEnvDynamicMapSystem.jpg|400px|right]] The game is designed to load map information from map files and dynamically generate game environment and components accordingly. Map configuration is flexible in size and configuration and can be easily modified. As shown in the picture on the right side, tile type is described in numbers and details are as follows:<ul><li>Tile type 0, 4, 8... (4n): No wall.</li><li>Tile type 1, 5, 9... (4n+1): In the x-axis direction.</li><li>Tile type 2, 6, 10...(4n+2): In the z-axis direction.</li><li>Tile type 3, 7, 11...(4n+3): In the both directions</li></ul>Syntax for the map file is as below, where 't' is tile type code and 'i' is item type code: t,i|t,i|...|t,i|t,i; t,i|t,i|...|t,i|t,i; ... t,i|t,i|...|t,i|t,i; t,i|t,i|...|t,i|t,i Below is a sample map configuration file that generates 5 X 9 stage. The image on the right side is drawn based on this map file. 1,0|1,0|3,0|9,9|2,0; 1,0|3,0|3,0|2,3|2,0; 2,0|2,2|3,0|2,2|2,0; 3,0|2,0|1,2|2,0|2,0; 0,0|2,0|2,0|1,0|3,0; 1,0|2,0|2,4|3,0|0,0; 1,0|1,0|2,0|3,5|1,0; 2,0|1,0|2,0|1,0|2,0; 0,1|3,0|3,0|3,0|3,0     === Interactive Game Environment ===[[File:SampleGamePlayInteractiveGameEnv.jpg|400px|right]]
== Project Status & Documentation ==
=== Modifications to the framework ===

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