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BTH740 Research Essay 20103

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== Writing ==
=== Outline ===purpose: organize the flow* structure** introduction** body*** arguments** conclusion* process** retain results that pertain to the thesis** create a skeleton** use point form === Rough Draft ===purpose: compose the argument in ascending order of importance/interest* preface** title** abstract** keywords* introduction** context** purpose** interpretations** thesis statement* body** each point is one paragraph* conclusion** sum up supporting points** no new information** one to be added laterthree paragraphs  === Edit ===purpose: create final draft* check instructor's requirements** format** layout** 1st person or third person** citation style*** MLA*** APA*** Chicago*** CBE* expression** argument flow** paragraphing*** circle the topic sentence in each** clarify your points** read out loud - use your auditory system
== Presentation/Publication ==

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