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'''Jose Rainulf Pineda''' is a [ Seneca College School of Computer Studies] Student. He does Web development (xHTML, PHP+mySQL, Javascript) or C/C++ on his free time. He also watches anime or read manga.
== Personal Projects ==
<p>The following are personal projects of mine that I do on my free time, all are web-based applications (xHTML, PHP+mySQL) and they are all hosted at [ Google Code].</p>
<p>So why are most, if not all, of my personal projects are web-based? Because they're fun. I find it very enjoyable to see people lurk on my server. I feel good whenever they surf through the webapp I've developed. I feel proud whenever someone use the script I've coded for their websites (and let people crawl around it).</p>
<p>PHP is mostly used with mySQL because PHP has a lot built-in functions for mySQL - they work together well as if they're couples. What both does is pretty simple - input, process and output data into the database (SQL) simultaneously. But with enough knowledge of PHP+mySQL and a few xHTML and/or javascript, anyone can build sophisticated PHP scripts such as blog (WordPress, Blogger, etc), CMS (PHP-Nuke, Drupal, Joomla, etc), discussion boards (IPB, phpBB, vBulletin, Vanila, etc), clone Facebook, YouTube, etc or something even better than all of them combined.</p>
=== Custom CMS for ===
<p>I borrowed the object keep rewriting this depending on how I feel about it, so I can't really tell much about its backend design of phpMyInput and improved upon because it (added/removed methods and member variables) to build a CMS/blog for my main websitechanges all the time.<br />The script is strictly object orientedlol But if you're curious on what I have so far, every functions are encapsulated to the class 'Rainulf'. Please see check the following for more infoout:</p>
* Demo: []
* Source code: []
* Documentation: []<p>Besides PHP and mySQLI'm using a free template, I'm not good at designing, but the PHP script also make use of CSS for its simple greeny design and a little javascript for its slogan on topis fully coded by me. There is no administration panel yet, and I don't think there ever will. I run SQL queries to insert a post. lol<br />The script is also open source and its source code is available for everyone.</p>
=== Twitter app ===
[ Rainulf's website]
[ Rainulf's LinkedIn]

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