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Project News
[== Project News == Friday Oct 22ndCompletely forgot about this wiki, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. 1) Researched several resources on the Audio_Data_api that I was referred to by Alistair MacDonald, the author of many music visualization libraries.[ audio data api][ Webkit audio spec] some of his work on music.js[ notes and scales][http://gist/ music.js] After realizing this was really complicated I set about some easier tasks. First, I got a song simply playing in a browser. This was much easier after learning that mp3s are not supported in audio tag in Firefox. I downloaded an mp3->ogg converter and got to buisiness. next, I made a series of painful attempts to make some kind of cool demo. In the end, I adapted an existing demo and put whatever song I wanted in it, this demo is [ here]. I also made LoadedMetaData event function actually draw meta data out of the track, instead of having it hard coded. I then made some more flailing blunders trying to make something cool work, and last night I finally put something together with the help of Charles J Cliffe, author of Beatdetektor.js. Using one of his very complex demos I made one of my own which plays a song, detects its' beat and pulses some text on the screen. My demo can be found [ here]. Those two demos are my 0.1 release, and although it doesn't seem like very much this had a very high learning curve for me. Now that I know how these building blocks work I think I can put together something really successful for 0.2 release.

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