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Console Framework Classes 20103 - OOP344

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int _row;
int _col;
int _height;
int _width;
FWBorder* _container;
bool _visible;
char _border[9];
<big><syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">
FWBorder(int Row=-1, int Col=-1,int Height=-1, int Width=-1,
bool Visible = false, FWBorder* Container = (FWBorder*)0,
const char* Border=FW_BORDER_CHARS);
virtual void draw()const; //if _container is null, then it is maximized into the size of screen
// with no borders
virtual ~FWBorder();
void visible(bool val);
bool visible()const;
void container(FWBorder* theContainer);
FWBorder* container();
void row(int val);
void col(int val);
void size(int height, int width);
virtual int row()const;
virtual int col()const;
virtual int height()const;
virtual int width()const;

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