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ANT & Mercurial
==ANT & Mercurial==:[ ANT4HG] is an ANT task for HG ( mercurial ) , a distributed source control management system.: How to add ant4hg tasks to ant:::1- Download binaries. Latest version is ant4hg V0.07. It has been released with ant 1.8.0 and hg 1.5.1. Source code and binaries are available on the [ SourceForge download page].::2- Copy ant4hg-Vx.y.jar to the ant lib directory::3- Consider using : <code> <taskdef resource="net/sourceforge/ant4hg/taskdefs/antlib.xml" /></code> instead of: <code> <taskdef resource="net/sourceforge/ant4hg/antlib.xml" /> </code>.

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