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Iolib functions 20103 - OOP344

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How to submit your assignment
== How to submit your assignment ==
Close to the due date of the assignment, [ A tester program ] called'''"iolmainioltester.c"''' will be released. This program uses your functions and does series of tests. Each test will use your functions to produce an output or perform an action. If all the output is produced or the action is performed as stated in the tester program, branch the trunk to tags under as1"Prj0.2". Then send me an email to checkout as1 "Prj0.2" and mark it. latest commit to as1 "Prj0.2" in tags indicates the time of submission and has to be before the due date/time.
=== Late Submission Penalty ===
10% Per day (Saturday and Sunday) counted as one day.

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