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Iolib functions 20103 - OOP344

No change in size, 22:04, 14 October 2010
Fixed CIO to be IOL
* '''TAB''':
** if '''IsTextEditor''' is false, TAB will simply terminate the function like a Function key
** if '''IsTextEditor''' is true, TAB will insert '''CIO_TAB_SIZE''' number of spaces into the string.'''CIO_TAB_SIZEIOL_TAB_SIZE''' should be a defined "tab size" value in iol.h. If '''CIO_TAB_SIZEIOL_TAB_SIZE''' spaces cannot be inserted into the string for any reason then the inputted tab should be ignored. (See '''“[[Iolib functions 20103 - OOP344#IsTextEditor:|IsTextEditor Section #2]]”''' for more)
* '''ESCAPE''' - Terminates iol_edit() and aborts editing: '''"str"''' will contain originally passed data when leaving function. (See '''“[[Iolib functions 20103 -OOP344#IsTextEditor:|IsTextEditor Section #3]]”''' for exception)
* '''INSERT''' - toggle Insert/Overstrike mode (toggles the value of *insertmode)

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