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CI System Project Related
: [ JUnit Task]
* [ Eclipse based Tutorial ]
* Notes from [[User:JAnastasiade| Jordan Anastasiade]] Notes and [ Apache Manual]
::This is resolved at run-time as c:/test/classes
<source lang=java>
<project name="MyProject" default=“init"init" basedir=".">
<description> simple example build file </description>
<!-- set global properties for this build -->
==ANT & Mercurial==
:[ ANT4HG] is an ANT task for HG ( mercurial ).
: How to add ant4hg tasks to ant:
::1- Download binaries. Latest version is ant4hg V0.07. It has been released with ant 1.8.0 and hg 1.5.1. Source code and binaries are available on the [ download page].
::2- Copy ant4hg-Vx.y.jar to the ant lib directory
::3- Consider using : <code> <taskdef resource="net/sourceforge/ant4hg/taskdefs/antlib.xml"/></code> instead of: <code> <taskdef resource="net/sourceforge/ant4hg/antlib.xml"/> </code>.
::4- Available tasks and the instruction of using them can be found in this [ documentation].
:In Cygwin in the ''build'' folder. Just typing <code>ant</code>, will build the default target of the project. But typing <code>ant assign1.test</code> for example, will start from mentioned target.
:Also, option -f will build any files that's not named ''build.xml'' e.g. <code>ant -f buildHudson.xml</code>
:We can create a new ant script e.g. ''buildHudson.xml'' that triggers the target(assign1.test) of main build file(build.xml) of the project. See below:
<source lang=java>
<project name="assign1" basedir="." default="myTarget">
<target name="">
<!-- Call the target that does everything -->
<ant antfile="build.xml" target="assign1.test"/>
<target name="myTarget.check" depends="">
<echo>The was called!</echo>

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