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Firefox Performance Testing Lab Fall 2010

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| <strike>[ Browser Pong]</strike>
|| [[User:Sweerdenburg |Steven Weerdenburg]]
|| <strike>Minefield calculates the "ball" window height as twice that of Chromium</strike>|| Seems resolved in latest nightly
|| In Firefox, when more complex objects are generated the spinning animation of the object becomes increasingly more choppy. During transformations the animation would freeze for a few seconds then continue.
|| Found a bug about the same experiment [ here].
| [ Browser Ball]
|| [[User:Kclascon |Kevin Lasconia]]
|| There is an issue when multiple windows are spawned in Firefox for this experiment. When moving the ball from the main window to another the ball will get stuck. Even when trying to "throw" the ball to another window it will still get stuck.
|| In Chrome, the ball can actually be moved to and from new windows.
|| [[User:ajcondinho |Andrew Condinho]]
|| Physical window becomes jerky and laggy whenever you re-size the window.
||Tested this out on my desktop and lag disappeared, looks like it might be an issue with lesser hardware
|| [[User:ajcondinho |Andrew Condinho]]
|| Objects don't draw, and after a few failed attempts experiment stops responding to any attempts to draw.
||Chrome has no problems running this experiment.|- | [ Swirling Tentacles]|| [[User:cldenobrega |Crystal de Nobrega]]|| Swirling Tentacles only works with D2D disabled; is super slow and choppy. Computer freezes when you try to resize the window.|| [ Filed a Bug].|- | [ Blob]|| [[User:cldenobrega |Crystal de Nobrega]]|| Blob has drawing artifacts (crap at the top of the window) when experiment is first launched.|| [ Filed a Bug].
* [ Colorscube bug]
* [ Google Gravity bug (added additional info)]
* [ physicSketch bug]
* [ Kaleidscope Re-size Bug]
* [ Depth of Field Bug]
* [ Swirling Tentacles Bug]
* [ Blob Drawing Artifacts Bug]

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