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10th Floor

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Game Concept Proposal - Action RPG
[ Click here to watch sample game-play]
==== Game Concept Proposal - Action RPG ====
This is also just a quick idea. - Corey
#Overview -
##A simple action rpg. The goal is explore an area(dungeon, cave, ect) that contains increasingly more powerful foes to defeat the deeper in you go.
#Main Game Elements -
##The player gains experience points after defeating an enemy. They can then spend these points in a trait of their choosing (strength, defense, speed).
##The Battle system remains simple. The goal is to attack when the enemy is not blocking, and to block when the enemy is about to attack.
##Enemies drop items that can be equiped or used to increase the player's stats
#Potentia Game Elements - Depending on time and how the project is going some elements can be improved
##A parry system can be included for combat
##A high, low attack system can be included for combat to add more depth
##Several types of enemies with different combat AI/routines
##The ability to sell items you've found and purchase new ones (a currency system)
##An over world to connect a series of levels/dungeons together instead of one linear level.
##The proposal focuses on game play design. It leaves the art style, setting, and characters open for any ideas. For instance an oldschool fantasy setting with caves and monsters, or a distant future setting.
##The basic stat based game is relativly simple to program, logic wise.

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