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Team Blam

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[ *How to write game proposal]
'''Don't crash into buildings Team Blam'''
In our game, you will be the captain of a ship. The main engine of this ship is stuck on full blast, so it cannot ever stop. The ship is travelling through an increasingly dense urban landscape, and it is your goal to avoid crashing into anything for as long as possible! To accomplish this goal you have a view of your ship from high above it, allowing you to see buildings as they race towards you. You also have a set of maneuvering thrusters, which can push your ship back, forwards, left, and right on a two-dimensional plane. This will hopefully allow you to avoid crashing into buildings!
All of the buildings in the city are rectangular in shape, making the collision detection code much easier to write.
 '''Enhanced don't crash into buildings Team Blam''' 
(Some or all of these features may be added to/replace features in the base game, depending on time constraints)
Rather than move you at a constant speed, your thrusters can accelerate you (up to certain maximum speeds). This can provide additional challenge.
Rather than being instantly killed by a collision, you could have shields on your ship which regenerate over time. This would be damaged by collisions in direct proportion to the speed with which you collided with the building, and you will die if it's reduced to 0
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* • Ship dodging obstacles

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