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Firefox Performance Testing Lab Fall 2010

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== Resources ==
* [ Chrome Experiments]
* [ Results Spreadsheet]. Talk to Dave to get permissions in order to edit.
* [ Firefox (i.e., Minefield) nightly builds]
* [ Chrome (i.e., Chromium) nightly builds]
* [ Example performance bug]
===Misc Info===
One of the questions that comes up a lot when filing these bugs, especially on Windows, is whether or not you have Direct2D (i.e., D2D) or Direct3D (D3D) enabled. The graphics system in Firefox has 3 states related to hardware acceleration:
# no hardware acceleration
# D3D but not D2D
# All hardware acceleration
You can control this using various preferences, which you can change by going to '''about:config''' (type this into your address bar and press enter):
* D3D Layers Preferences
** layers.accelerate-all
** layers.accelerate-none
* Font Rendering
** gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled
* Direct2D
** gfx.direct2d.force-enabled
== Tests: Initial First Round ==

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