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Team Zombie

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== Proposal ==
'''''Game Proposal – GAM 666'''''
Peter Leaning, Damien McGrath, Qing Feng, Carolyn Woodley
September 22, 2010
Dr. Chris Swazlinski and Prof. Fardad Soleimaloo
<u>Genre</u> – Adventure/Puzzle Game (ex. Mist)
<u>Synopsis</u> - Make your way through the underground laboratory maze, opening doors by correctly answering puzzles, while zombies chase after you to eat your brains. There will be hints to answer the riddles as you progress through the game.
Riddles - are open until its answered correctly, each time it is entered incorrectly the riddle will be regenerated with a new one
1 Life, return to last save point
3 small zombies hits and you’re dead, 1 hit from a zombie with a weapon and you die
Fat zombies will run slower, small zombies will be unable to hold weapons but will walk at an average pace, large zombies will walk faster, ankle biters will crawl
Your own weapon will progress from a scalpel, steel pipe, fire extinguisher, stool, flame thrower (only available near the end)
Your light source will be a flashlight (time limit due to battery power of flashlight for higher difficulty)
<u>Background Story</u>
Your character is a scientist in a secret underground military lab. You’ve been working on a cure for Aids, and your latest vaccine seems to be working unfortunately it has some adverse side effects. After about one week your test subjects begin to mutate. Their heart stops, their body starts to decompose, their frontal lobes disintegrate, yet instead of dying they begin to act solely on instinct. The vaccine has also mutated that when an individual comes into contact with the affected individuals saliva they will begin to mutate as well. The mutation quickly runs through your laboratory and only you are left to escape. You must fight your way out and answer the final riddle to earn your freedom.
== Map of the World of the Game ==
== Moderator's - Instructors Comments ==
== Any other thing you find necessary ==

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