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Weekly Schedule 20103 - OOP344C

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To Do
=== This Week ===
* IRC in action ([[Sep 21, 2010 class lecture notes for OOP344|class lectures and notes]])
* Casting
* Pointers, Arithmetic
* developing and finalizing basic io library
* Committing your work to svn
* [[Sept 24 2010 class lecture notes for OOP344 | Notes on Pointers, Arrays and Lazy Eval]]
=== To Do ===
* Starting next week, we will try to have one quiz per week.
* Create svn directories for your '''development root''' under branches in your project repository (your team svn account) '''due Thu Sep 23 12:00 noon'''
* Create test directories under your '''development root''' '''due Thu Sep 23 12:00 noon'''
|-- Team svn account
| +-- member id one <-- this is your '''"development root'''"
| +-- testdir
| +-- member id two
=== To Do ===
# Add a blank solution to trunk with the following files:## iol.c(blank file) ## iol.h(blank header file with safeguard coded only)## ioltest.c a file that includes '''iol.h''' and has conditional compilation set for each developers main() function for testing:##: see below for example.# Each team member should branch the trunk into his/her workspace in branches#: Each team member must implement one platform and test it to make sure all the functions work properly# Merge back the workspace to trunk to apply the changes you made. #: Merge, compile trunk, make sure everything works, then commit the trunk and branch it to next tag dir sequence.#: First one completing the platform should call the tag prj0.01, next one should call the tag 0.02 and so on....#: Last one completing the assigned platform should call the tag 0.1. ( will mark this tag the latest release after 0.1)# '''Prj0.1 due on Wed 29 noon; '''
#: Submit in tags prj0.1 branch (dir) of your team repository
#: Simple '''iolib''' functions are due with your own test program to prove that functions work properly
#: One platform must be committed per (and by) team member. (i.e. if you have four team members, you have four platforms to develop)
#: Note that in MAC for function keys you should use combination of one of the ctrl, alt or apply keys with the function keys to get a unique key code.
#: Minimum number of platforms is 2. which means if you are doing the project alone, you must have at least two platforms.
/* ioltest.c example
#include "iol.h"
#define senecaid1 1
#define senecaid2 2
#define ....
#define PROGRAMMER senecaid1
#if PROGRAMMER == senecaid1
int main(){
/* test written by senecaid1 */
return 0;
#elif PROGRAMMER == senecaid2
int main(){
/* test written by senecaid2 */
return 0;
#elif ......
int main(){
/* common main for all */
return 0;
=== Resources ===
[[Hints for Using SVN to collaborate on school projects]]
== Week 5 - Oct 03 ==
=== This Week ===
* Quiz
* bitwise operators (continued)
* bit-fields
=== To Do ===
* Prj0This weekend all wiki pages and contributions will be marked.2 is due Wed Oct 6 at noon (*: make sure all the following are up-to-date*:# Your information in tags, prj0.2 branch)student list*:# Your personal page on wiki*:# Your project development page*: All '''iolib''' functions are due # Your blog
* Study for Quiz This week & next week
* Next Week Midterm Test* Fill [svn The Team Self Evaluation From] on a computer , print and hand it inwhen doing the midterm test.* write void printBits(unsigned int) shortest way possible. 
=== Resources ===
=== To Do ===
*Prj0.2 is due Sunday Oct 17 at 23:59 (in tags, prj0.2 branch)*: All '''iolib''' functions are due
=== Resources ===
=== This Week ===
* ???[ FSOSS]
=== To Do ===
=== This Week ===
* Midterm test on Tuesday
* Namespaces
* Linked list
* File Streams
=== To Do ===
=== Resources ===
* [ November 5th IRC Meeting Transcript]
== Week 10 - Nov 07==
=== To Do ===
<!--* Nov 28, 23:59, Prj 0.6 is due
*: The full object oriented frame work of the application -->
=== Resources ===
* Exam preparation
=== To Do ===
* Dec 12, 23:59, Prj 0.6 due.
*: Final release of application is due.
=== Resources ===

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