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Someone made an overview of the Netscape portable runtime (a little outdated, 1999) in powerpoint [ here]

==API Reference==
You can get the reference to the API [ here]

==Test Cases==
You can get test cases from the [ Mozilla LXR]. The filenames are self explanitory on what API components are tested (eg threads, locks, time). If in doubt, read the README.TXT file which lists all the files and what components they test. They are also meant as example code that is well commented.

==Technical Notes==
There are several [ notes] on developing NSPR. For example, about forks, killing threads, and porting NSPR to a new platform.

=Getting in contact=
The maintainers have irregular scheduled telephone meetings on Tuesdays. This requires contacting the maintainers for information.

There is also a newsgroup available here news://

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