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Team Recompile Project Dev Page 20103 - OOP344

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{{OOP344 Index | 20103}}= Team Recompile Members ={| class="wikitable sortable" border="1" cellpadding="5"! First Name !! Last Name !! Section !! Seneca Id !! wiki id !! IRC nick !! Blog URL|-|[[User:Rainulf | Jose Rainulf]]||Pineda||C||[ jrpineda]||[[Special:Contributions/Rainulf | Rainulf]]||_Rainulf||[ Rainulf's Blog]|-|-|[[User:jdonaldson4 | Jeshu]]||Donaldson||C||[ jdonaldson4]||[[Special:Contributions/jdonaldson4 |jdonaldson4]]||YDean1||[ Jeshu's Blog ]|-|-|[[User:tjcatibog | Timothy Jordan]]||Catibog||C||[ tjcatibog]||[[Special:Contributions/tjcatibog |tjcatibog]]||tjcatibog||[ Timothy's Blog ]|-|} = IRC =<p><nowiki>#seneca-recompile @ freenode. </nowiki>Click [ here] to open the web IRC client.</p><p>_Rainulf is always online at the IRC. Please send him a query (or join #seneca-recompile) if you wanna chat with him. If he doesn't reply, he's probably afk. You can either wait or try again some time.<br />You can alternately email him or chat with him on Gmail or MSN.</p><p>No schedule yet.</p>= Coding Style =None yet.= Others =Web IRC: []

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