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Faculty Volunteer

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*Duration: Full Day
*Location: On campus
*Number of Volunteers needed: 612
This job involves introducing the speakers, staying around for the talk, and presenting speakers with the speaker's gift at the end.
===Sign up here===
* Name (email)mark.buchner*mike.martin*praveen.mitera*ayesha.manzer*peter.callaghan*brian.perry*andrew.austin
==Video Recorder==
===Sign up here===
* Name (email)
* Raymond Chan (raymond dot chan at senecac dot on dot ca)
* Murray Saul
==Front Reception Supervision==
===Sign up here===
* Ben Kam (
* Andrew Grimo ( [can help elsewhere too if needed]
==Workshop Coordinator==
*Date: Now
*Time: N/A
*Duration: N/A
*Number of Volunteers needed: 2
*Description. Help Coordinate the workshops, ensuring speakers have software/hardware needed, check max audience, technical requirements etc.
===Sign up here===
* Name (email)
* Fardad (
* Ben Kam (

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