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Firefox Performance Testing Lab Fall 2010

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== Objective ==
To conduct A/B performance tests between of the Chrome Experiments using nightly builds of both Firefox and Chrome, in order to identify performance bottlenecks in Firefox. Also, to profile and file bugs in order to fix these issues.
== Method ==
* As a group determine a method for dividing the Chrome Experiments so they all get tested
* Install both the Firefox and Chrome nightly builds
* Test each experiment in the two browsers, looking for various issues:
** Speed - is Firefox as fast as Chrome at rendering the graphics?
** Smoothness - are the graphics as smooth as in Chrome? Do you notice a lot of pauses, jerkiness, etc.?
** Responsiveness - does Firefox remain responsive while you run the demo? Is it pegging your CPU(s)?
* Record your findings, as well as browser and computer info ([about:support], [about:]) in the Results Spreadsheet.
== Resources ==
* [ Chrome Experiments]
* [ Results Spreadsheet]. Talk to Dave to get permissions in order to edit.
* [ Firefox (i.e., Minefield) nightly builds]
* [ Chrome (i.e., Chromium) nightly builds]
* [ Example performance bug]

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